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Cisco Asa 5540 V8 2 1 Keymaker V1 0 15 1 [2022]




Mar 29, 2021 Configure IP traffic redirection in Cisco ASA 5505 through 5507(8) A: After a lot of research I came to the conclusion that we have to either use the Cisco ASA 5500/5510 keymaker or the smart software licensing to generate the key for our device which supports the software licensing. According to Cisco ASA 5500 Series Software Licensing Configuration Guide - Software Versioning and License Maintenance: One of the steps you must perform to ensure that the device is in a valid state, is to generate a key to support the software version using the ASA keymaker. The ASA keymaker is a utility that runs within an ASA 5500 Series platform. It performs the software versioning and license maintenance tasks by saving the key to the platform and reloading the key information into the device when the network begins operations. As you see from the guide that ASA keymaker is only available in 5500 and 5500 series platforms, I would suggest you to use the other way to generate the key which is Smart Software License Management. Using Smart Software License Management: Smart Software License Management provides the easiest way to manage software licenses. This process leverages Cisco licensing services—SmartPortal and the license server. You can manage all licenses, including those associated with images, from one centralized location. Using this process, a user downloads the appropriate license software from SmartPortal and installs it on their device. In addition, you can customize policies, download information about your users and more. Q: Can I change the color of the path of a QPolygonF? I am attempting to create a map on top of a map and I have run into an issue where I need to be able to highlight different areas of the map with different colors. When I try to do so, I seem to be unable to set the color of the path. This is what I have so far. QPolygonF poly = new QPolygonF(); poly.setPoints(QPointF[]{QPointF(60, 100), QPointF(60, 110), QPointF(70, 110), QPointF(70, 120)}); poly.setFillRule(Qt::OddEvenFill);





Cisco Asa 5540 V8 2 1 Keymaker V1 0 15 1 [2022]

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