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LibroParaColorearPrincesasDisneypdf [Updated-2022]




Cast and crew credits on IMDb.Efficacy of goserelin in the treatment of advanced prostatic cancer. The efficacy of goserelin in the treatment of advanced prostatic cancer was evaluated in 36 patients. Therapy consisted of 1.5 mg subcutaneous goserelin given every 28 days for 12 months. When patients relapsed and the prostatic tissue was histologically confirmed after 4 months of treatment, patients were randomized to an additional 12 months of treatment with goserelin, or an observation period of 12 months. During 12 months of treatment with goserelin, 91.7% of patients had stable disease, and a partial remission (PR) occurred in 33.3% of patients. The median duration of PR was 8 months. At 12 months, the percentage of patients remaining in stable disease was 79.2%, and the percentage of patients with PR increased to 50% of the patients. The most frequent side effects were hot flashes and weight loss, occurring in approximately 30% of the patients. Treatment with goserelin was discontinued in 1 patient due to excessive hot flashes. The median survival time for the patients in complete remission (CR) was not reached. The survival rate at 2 years was 69.4%, and the rate of survival at 5 years was 33.8%.Management of the carotid sinus in patients with head and neck cancer. The carotid sinus is a baroreceptor-rich site, which, in normal subjects, is innervated by sympathetic fibres via the glossopharyngeal nerve. In certain head and neck cancer patients, carotid body chemoreceptor cell tumours have been found in the absence of clinical evidence of increased carotid sinus nerve activity. Despite the high incidence of carotid sinus nerve dysfunction, few carotid sinus baroreceptor tests have been carried out in patients with head and neck cancer. The clinical and physiological significance of carotid sinus baroreceptor impairment in head and neck cancer patients is unclear. This paper reviews the carotid sinus baroreceptor function in normal subjects and in patients with head and neck cancer, emphasizing the importance of measuring carotid sinus reflex function before and during carotid sinus denervation. The function of the carotid sinus baroreceptor before and during carotid sinus denervation in patients with head and neck cancer is also discussed. Clinical tests of the carotid sinus



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LibroParaColorearPrincesasDisneypdf [Updated-2022]

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